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Saturday, 27 August 2011


Assalamualaikum...well halloo there readers..
ok, my topic today .. is about RAYA ..!!!
well of course..most of the blogger would write the same too...!

then why im writing what others write?
because i <3 that, i have something to share with you.. :)

ok..BM please..

tudia tu..hampa suma sakan nohh nak raya ni..
baju raya ada yang sampai 5 6 pasang..ha la..satu hari satu pasang..
(tpi baju raya ke 6 tu baju sekolah la no..kan raya keenam dah start sekolah..sob sob)

haha..tapi dalam kekalutan kita pasang curtain baru,order sofa baru,beli shawl baru...
ada teringat dak benda yang dah nak tinggal kita..<--ni soalan yang org selalu tanya..takkan takleh jawab kut.. ;)

YA BETULLLLL..Ramadhan sedang bersiap untuk meninggalkan kita..
tetapi adakah kita bersiap untuk tinggalkan Ramadhan..(ramai yang kata ~ mestilah siap..siap nak raya dah ni..)..

derr..lagi moleklah kalau kita habiskan Ramadhan tahun ini dengan semangat yang sama ketika kita menyambutnya dulu..jgn la..akhir-akhir ni dah malas nak posa,dah malas nak terawih, dah malas nak qiam..
jangan malas2..!!..sebab mungkin ni ramadhan yang terakhir buat kita..

OK back to the topic > raya..
haha..kalau hari raya mesti macam2 ada atas meja tuh...ketupat,rendang,nasi impit, kuah kacang,lemang,lontong..n..macam2 lagi la...

wah..posa-posa ni aku pulak yang terliur..:P

haha..kita kena bersyukur..sebab bila raya..kita jenguk kat meja makan tu ada banyak juadah..bila buka almari ada baju raya baru..macam macam lagi la..

tapi...tapi terkadang aku ada gak terpikir..
orang lain macam aku gak ka?
raya..depa sambut camna?

serba kedaifan..raya..mungkin tak ada bezanya untuk mereka..


tetapi..kekadang..ada hikmah mereka hidup macam ni..
mereka tak membazir..mereka lebih menghargai nikmat Allah..
dan lebih penting..Allah memberikan mereka kebahagiaan yang hanya Allah yang mengetahuinya..

jadi..raya ni..senyum la di aidlfitri..
tetapi..ingatlah kepada yang telah pergi..dan ingatlah kepada mereka yang serba kekurangan..

jumpa lagi nanti..

ehh jap..sebelum tuh..
Saya nak minta maaf zahir batin ... maap ye kalau ada terkasar bahasa ka,terguris hati ke,tersentap qalbu ka..dan apa-apa yang saya ada buat salah!!


~little steps Big changes~

Friday, 26 August 2011

i Love MY parents...!

Assalamualaikum..well haloo there readers!
..before you read this..i recommend you to roll down to the previous post and read that first.. ;) i will write about...erm..Parents!...maybe you will say to yourself (oh no...this blog has been duplicated!)..well..derr,it is previous post entitled .. Love YOUR parents (if im not mistaken)..and today , as you can see , im writing about My PARenTS!!

ok..let start with my mom..
1. my mom's name is Sutinah ~ people called her Kak Tina..(but i dont called her like that)
2. my mom is a great cook ~ people love her dishes and so am i..!
3. she is indeed a superwoman..she can do many works at one time..!..all the chores,all the housework,all the all on her..and she did all this things everyday continuously without mumbling....! great right..?
well...wait..that means i didnt do anything?!no!no!..*well at least i do something(s)..~writing blog about them.. :P
4. she is caring mom that tries to fulfil her family's needs..
5. she is one of the reasons i can think more rationally..because when i did something wrong..she will advice me about the consequences if did this and that..

ok..lets continue with my dad..
1. well what else i can say about him..he is a real superdad! (but he cant fly).. :)
2. he is a joker...hyperjoker..he can make jokes..really funny but sometimes the jokes makes me go hah?
3.he is really good at giving advice..his advice is makes me go perghh..nice :)
4.he is a man of patience..he is really patient with his children,his wife..~it is WIFE not WIVES..haha..real loyal..
5. he is hardworking..real hard..he lost weight like erm 15 kilos ..ok im exaggerating..maybe just 10 or 8 kilos..well...that i a lot ayy?

and there it goes..maybe some of you might say..
hey athirah..your parents are just like mine and other

well derrr..
what im writing over here could not explain what good things they did to me,how much they sacrified for their children,how much they adore me,how much they love me..if i could write about every and each details about their specialities and abilities as would take my whole lifetime to write and it will cause me to create the most number of blogs...!

and of course..Allah knows better about my parents..

back to your parents are just like your parents?
1. of course no...if not you will either be my sis or my bro..
2. and the good thing is you realize how special your parents are... :)

well if you say that your parents are not as good as my parents and you go sob sob..
i just wanna say... at least be thankful that you have parents that look after you for all this years..
be thankful that that your mom lend you her 'rahim' for nine months..and be thankful that they dont break your head when you cry at the time you were still a helpless thankful they give you foods and thankful that they give you thankful that they buy you clothes..and be thankful that they give you the chance to feel how it is like to have parents.. :)

always i love my parents..
All Praises to Allah to have given me such a great parents.. :)

  ~little steps Big changes~

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Love your Parents!

Assalamualaikum..well halloo there readers..
ok..actually i didnt have anything good to write at first but my mind came across this topic..PARENTS..(well that includes your mom and dad)..  :)

Parents..parents..parents..what are 'parents'..?
(dont ask,i just explained it to you in the first paragraph!)

ok..maybe some of us really really love our parents and some of us (not me for sure) really really 'dislike' our parents..well,for those who love their parents,i salute you because that is the way it should be..but for those who dislike their parents..i want to ask you .. -why?

maybe you would say.. ~ because they didnt understand me..they kind of harsh on me..they are overprotective..and many more (i dont wanna think about it)

well well well..they were your parents..
all their doings are for your own good(s)..but if you are being abused..~well that a whole different case..  :)
but still they are trying their best for you..if you are still unsatisfied with them..well,think again and ask yourself..All this while, have you ever been a good child to them..?..have you ever satisfy their hearts as parents?..have you ever fulfill their dreams and wills? if you have done so..good for you..but if you are still unsure about this..well i would strictly recommend  you to zip your mouth and be an obedient child.. :)

however,some of you might say to me.. "you are not in my shoes,you are not feeling what im dont know my parents!"......and i would say..."can you stop...?..and listen here,im not a per fect person that knows everything, your parents are not per fect Man that can be as what you want  them to be ..and please be aware,that you are just like us .."

im sorry if my words are kind of harsh..sorry for my bad manners..and im sorry again..
but i just want you to lucky you still be given the chance to have your parents with you right now..please..remember those who lost their parents,those who need to move on their life without their parents guiding them through this challenging life...maybe you say that your life will be a lot better without them..but think again..

"we never miss the water until the well runs dry"

~one of my friends had lost her father on the 17th day of ramadhan...i hope that she will be strong and wont be sad at this raya..Al fatihah..

be a good child to your parents,appreciate them,love them,adore them,and help them in the time of need..
and dont forget..always..always..always..
pray for their happiness in this world and hereafter

ok bye for laptop is gettting hot and i really need  to chill it bye again..

                                    ~little steps Big changes