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Friday, 26 August 2011

i Love MY parents...!

Assalamualaikum..well haloo there readers!
..before you read this..i recommend you to roll down to the previous post and read that first.. ;) i will write about...erm..Parents!...maybe you will say to yourself (oh no...this blog has been duplicated!)..well..derr,it is previous post entitled .. Love YOUR parents (if im not mistaken)..and today , as you can see , im writing about My PARenTS!!

ok..let start with my mom..
1. my mom's name is Sutinah ~ people called her Kak Tina..(but i dont called her like that)
2. my mom is a great cook ~ people love her dishes and so am i..!
3. she is indeed a superwoman..she can do many works at one time..!..all the chores,all the housework,all the all on her..and she did all this things everyday continuously without mumbling....! great right..?
well...wait..that means i didnt do anything?!no!no!..*well at least i do something(s)..~writing blog about them.. :P
4. she is caring mom that tries to fulfil her family's needs..
5. she is one of the reasons i can think more rationally..because when i did something wrong..she will advice me about the consequences if did this and that..

ok..lets continue with my dad..
1. well what else i can say about him..he is a real superdad! (but he cant fly).. :)
2. he is a joker...hyperjoker..he can make jokes..really funny but sometimes the jokes makes me go hah?
3.he is really good at giving advice..his advice is makes me go perghh..nice :)
4.he is a man of patience..he is really patient with his children,his wife..~it is WIFE not WIVES..haha..real loyal..
5. he is hardworking..real hard..he lost weight like erm 15 kilos ..ok im exaggerating..maybe just 10 or 8 kilos..well...that i a lot ayy?

and there it goes..maybe some of you might say..
hey athirah..your parents are just like mine and other

well derrr..
what im writing over here could not explain what good things they did to me,how much they sacrified for their children,how much they adore me,how much they love me..if i could write about every and each details about their specialities and abilities as would take my whole lifetime to write and it will cause me to create the most number of blogs...!

and of course..Allah knows better about my parents..

back to your parents are just like your parents?
1. of course no...if not you will either be my sis or my bro..
2. and the good thing is you realize how special your parents are... :)

well if you say that your parents are not as good as my parents and you go sob sob..
i just wanna say... at least be thankful that you have parents that look after you for all this years..
be thankful that that your mom lend you her 'rahim' for nine months..and be thankful that they dont break your head when you cry at the time you were still a helpless thankful they give you foods and thankful that they give you thankful that they buy you clothes..and be thankful that they give you the chance to feel how it is like to have parents.. :)

always i love my parents..
All Praises to Allah to have given me such a great parents.. :)

  ~little steps Big changes~

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