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Friday, 16 September 2011


Assalamualaikum people..!
ok..actually i am planning to update this blog after PMR but..

well..this is a short post..
just to tell the world that ..

i am the type of person who dont keep grudge too long and dont worry if i say i am AnGry with you because it wont last long..just leave me alone..and when i have cooled down,insyaAllah things will get better..

and Allah knows better about me :]


...switching languange...

dan kepada sesiapa yang dah terkecil hati atau tersentap qalbu dengan cek..cek minta maap la noh..cek tak bermaksud nak buat macam tuhh..kan cek suka main-main..

cek harap semua maapkan cek la..kan nak dekat pereksa nih..kalau gaduh-gaduh, rasa tak syiiokk pulak cek nak jawab pereksa..

dah la no..cek minta maapp..
lani kira kosong-kosong la nohh...



see you guys later!!

*bye blogs..hye books..

~little steps big changes

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